100 Percent Mortgages

With a Loan to Value (LTV) that covers the entire purchase price of the property, 100% mortgages are ideal for people with no money for a deposit. You can compare the latest rates and other vital information on 100% mortgages in the table below.

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Featured 100% mortgages - Ordered by lowest initial rate

  • Mortgage

    Buy to Let: For landlords purchasing a property for letting.
    Discount: The interest rate rises and falls with the provider’s standard variable rate but is set at a lower discounted rate for certain period.
    Fixed: The interest rate is fixed for a certain period – usually 1 to 5 years.
    Offset: Mortgage interest payments are offset against any savings you may hold.
    Tracker: The interest rate rises and falls with the Bank of England base rate.
    Variable: The interest rate rises and falls with the provider’s standard interest rate (SVR).

  • Initial

    The introductory rate of interest that you will pay for a certain period of time depending on the mortgage type and term.

  • Initial

    The length of time that the initial interest rate applies to the mortgage.

  • Overall
    Cost For
    Comparison Is

    This is the mortgage’s Annual Percentage Rate (APR): the interest rate that you will be charged on your mortgage including all charges such as arrangement fees.

  • Max

    The percentage of a property’s value for which the mortgage can be used.
    Example: 75% loan to value = 25% deposit.

  • Fee To

    This is the fee that must be paid to the lender when you take out the mortgage.
    If the fee charged is a % we have based the fee on a 150k mortgage.

  • ERC

    Will your lender charge you for repaying the mortgage early?

  • Halifax MortgageHalifax
  • Fixed
  • 4.54%then 3.99%
  • 30/11/2016
  • 4.40%APR
  • 120%
  • £995
  • yes
  • More Info
    Call Direct0845 154 4126
  • Available for existing Halifax borrowers only.
  • Halifax MortgageHalifax
  • Buy To Let
  • 4.84%then 4.84%
  • 48 Months
  • 5.00%APR
  • 120%
  • No Fee
  • yes
  • More Info
    Call Direct0845 154 4126
  • Available for existing Halifax borrowers only.

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100% mortgages explained

Mortgages that cover the full value of the property being purchased disappeared from the UK market when the credit crunch struck in 2008.

In 2011, however, after coming under pressure to revitalise the flagging housing market and help first time buyers get on to the property ladder a few 100 percent loan-to-value (LTV) products crept back into the banks' and building societies' mortgage ranges.

There are now a number of mortgage lenders offering 100% LTV products to first time buyers that do not have the funds to lay down a deposit.

Since the risk for banks is higher on a 100% mortgage they are subject to more stringent lending criteria than other mortgages and some lenders require that a guarantor - usually a parent or grandparent - will agree to cover the repayments in the event that the borrower cannot meet the monthly costs.

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