UK payment association Apacs has launched a new guide to help provide information and advice for students with credit cards.

As the UKs younger population struggles with debt, many students can find their situation is made worse through getting into bad spending habits.

Almost a quarter (24 per cent) of under 24s now own a credit card and for many the first time they begin using their card regularly will be when away at university.

Apacs has produced the new guide to provide students with advice on how to manage their finances effectively and gives information on safe borrowing, as well as a list of benefits and risks associated with credit card use.

It is hoped that the new advice will help students to make more informed choices when considering which credit card best suits their financial needs, as well as helping them avoid pitfalls such as becoming the victim of credit card fraud.

The advice is available online from Apacs, and according to Sandra Quinn, director of communications at the organisation, the guide "is designed as a quick and easy checklist for students".

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