Barclaycard has suggested that credit card comparison should be carried out with security in mind in the run-up to Christmas.

Recent research by Barclaycard has shown up to 2.5 million internet users may be risking security breaches by ignoring basic advice.

The company is asking its customers to compare credit cards to ensure theirs provides protection such as the Barclaycard Secure service.

Martin Warwick, head of card fraud operations at Barclaycard, said: "There are very simple things consumers can do to shop safely and confidently online."

"Consumers can save themselves from the inconvenience of plastic card fraud over the festive period," he added.

Barclaycard says one simple check is to look for https at the start of a web address, which represents a more secure connection than typical http addresses.

A padlock at the bottom-right of the screen is also an indicator that a connection has a higher security level than usual.

Barclaycard Secure works by providing a password, similar to a Pin but which must contain at least one letter and one number, which must be provided to retailers to complete a transaction.

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