Lending provider Barclaycard has lowered the interest rates on its Premiership and Charity packages but says interest-free periods for credit card balance transfers will be maintained.

Currently, the Barclaycard Premiership offers a 12-month interest-free period on credit card balance transfers, while Barclaycard Charity has a six-month deal on balance transfers and new purchases.

Interest rates on both cards have been lowered from 17.9 per cent to a typical 14.9 per cent APR with immediate effect.

Amer Sajed, managing director of UK cards, said: "Were committed to offering our customers value for money."

"These new lower rates mean customers can get an even better deal if theyre looking for a football credit card or a charity credit card," he added.

Meanwhile, the cards still provide their respective bonuses such as interest-free deals on season tickets and 0.3 per cent of purchases to be donated to charity.

Barclays Bank this week launched its Re-Leaf appeal which aims to collect unwanted mobile phones, with a donation of £2.50 to the Woodland Trust for each phone it receives.

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