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Core Business Insurance Covers

Public Liability Insurance

Get protected if someone is injured or their property is damaged because of your business.


Professional Indemnity

Cover for legal fees and compensation payments if you make a mistake in your work and a client suffers a financial loss.


Employers Liability Cover

Cover for your business if your employees suffer an injury or serious illness while working for you.


Business Legal Expenses

Covers legal expenses and prosecution fees that can result from situations like employment tribunals and HMRC tax investigations.


These are some of the insurers Simply Business compares

Please note: Not all insurers will provide quotes for all insurance types.

Business Insurance - General Information

Regardless of industry, size or structure, all businesses face day-to-day risks that can have expensive consequences. Business insurance comes in many forms, but its sole purpose is to protect companies financially against these risks.

The umbrella term “business insurance” covers a vast range of products that are designed to protect against specific types of risk. Choosing the right type of business insurance therefore involves identifying the key risks to which your company is exposed. For example, if you face the risk of injuring members of the public during the operation of your business you may require public liabiliy insurance. Alternatively, if you have company stock or property you may need business contents or buildings insurance. You can find a list of business insurance types below.

Once you have decided what type of business insurance you need you will then need to figure out how much cover you require. This will depend on the size and nature of your business. It may also depend on regulations or contractual obligations with clients.

Getting adequate cover is a vital consideration for any company. That’s why we’ve partnered with Simply Business – a commercial insurance broker that covers over 1,000 trades and industries. They can help you in finding the right type of insurance and provide you with quotes from leading UK business insurance specialists.