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A stocking full of scams, rip-offs and dodgy deals - 15/12/2008

In the frantic spending spree of Christmas, Britons need to keep in mind the top ten festive scams and rip-off deals that could actually cost them more than they bargained for.

Abbey ups interest on savings accounts - 25/08/2006

Abbey has announced that it has increased the interest it pays on many current accounts.

Alternative Banking Guide - 26/03/2012

Most of us put up with the downright dirty tactics of the banks because we don't think there are any alternatives. It turns out there are plenty.

Always go to a properly qualified tax adviser - 04/04/2008

Consumers have been warned to ensure they obtain tax advice from a qualified professional.

Analysts predict rate cut - 01/02/2008

The Bank of England will lower the base rate next week, according to financial industry insiders.

Announcements still await following MPCs decision - 25/08/2006

Although it is now three weeks since the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) decided to raise the base rate by 0.25, a number of mortgage and savings account providers have still to announce their changes.

Apacs details faster transfer scheme delay - 20/08/2007

UK payments association Apacs has announced the introduction of a faster transfer system is to be delayed until May 2008.

Are savers soon to be running on empty? - 11/02/2009

The interest rate for Britons now stands at just one per cent. But with rumours of a possible further cut to zero per cent next month, people who want to keep stashing away their cash may have to shop around for the best savings accounts to weather the financial storm.

Are university tuition fees set to be increased? - 14/10/2010

New government proposals may see university tuition fees increased and remove limits on how much institutions can charge.

Average earners hit hardest by taxes - 04/02/2008

The changing tax environment since 1997 has hit average earners the hardest, according to the Centre for Policy Studies.

Backpacking not about saving money - 13/06/2008

For many backpackers the experience is not about holidaying on a tight budget, according to Lonely Planet.

Bad credit current accounts

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Bank acts on credit crunch concerns - 08/10/2008

The ongoing effects of the credit crunch have spurred central banks into action - with the Bank of England cutting interest rates ahead of schedule.

Bank charge refunds could stay frozen - 13/02/2008

Consumers may have to wait a little longer to receive any refunds on their bank charges, it has emerged.

Bank charges - the latest findings - 22/07/2008

UK current account holders could be interested to see the latest figures from the Office of Fair Trading in its research into bank charges.

Bank charges continue to rise - 13/09/2006

Banks and building societies have increased the cost of their penalty charges by an average of 20 per cent over the last three years, according to a new study.

Bank charges scam warning from OFT - 31/08/2007

Britons should never disclose bank account details to telephone callers claiming to be from the Office of Fair Trading (OFT), the industry body advises.

Bank charges simply "money-spinners" - 03/04/2006

Bank charges on unauthorised overdrafts have been labelled as nothing more than a "money-spinner" in a campaign launched by Which?

Bank of England awaits inflation report - 23/01/2008

The impending publication of the Bank of Englands quarterly inflation report was a key influencing factor in the decision not to change the base rate of interest, it has emerged.

Bank of England bails out Northern Rock - 21/01/2008

The Bank of England has revealed plans to help Northern Rock over the coming years, with nationalisation one proposed option.

Bank of England in wait and see mode - 06/09/2007

The Bank of England remains in "wait and see" mode as it gauges the impact of interest rate rises, an analyst has claimed.

Bank of England lowers base rate to 5.5 per cent - 06/12/2007

The Bank of England has lowered the base rate of interest to 5.5 per cent - as economists predict a year of such cuts.

Bank of England maintains base rate - 02/08/2007

The Bank of England has voted to maintain the base rate of interest, it has emerged.

Bank of England maintains base rate - 04/10/2007

The Bank of England has voted to maintain the current base rate of interest at 5.75 per cent.

Bank of England reports heavily impaired finance sector - 24/04/2008

Disruptions in the finance sector have "heavily impaired" the operations of many practitioners, the Bank of England observes.

Bank of England votes to hold base rate - 08/11/2007

The Bank of Englands monetary policy committee has voted to maintain the base rate of interest.

Bank of England will wait and see - 29/02/2008

The Bank of England will not change the interest rate in March, according to a number of economists.

Bank Rate fixed at five per cent - 08/05/2008

The monetary policy committee has agreed to maintain the base rate of interest at its current level of five per cent for another month.

Bankers, Bonuses, Bubbles and Bullsh*t - 21/10/2009

Banks are currently facing unprecedented criticism, but with global regulatory reform floundering, will it be enough to stave off another financial crisis?

Banking conduct regulation is set to get a credit-crunch overhaul - 30/04/2009

Individuals have become mistrusting of banks and building societies and as such, the Financial Services Authority has announced an overhaul of the regulations regarding banking conduct.

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Banks agree to make switching accounts easier - 15/10/2009

Following pressure from the OFT high street banks in the UK have confirmed that changes will be made to make bank charges more transparent and make switching to another bank easier.

Banks back in court - 14/01/2008

A test case examining the legality of bank charges for unauthorised overdrafts begins in the high court this week, the Office of Fair Trading reveals.

Banks defend current account charges - 24/10/2007

A number of banks have formalised their defence against accusations of levying unfair current account charges, it has emerged.

Banks lead shares slump - 18/03/2008

Turbulence in the financial markets has been led by decreased share prices for financial institutions, the Bank of England notes.

Banks reject responsibility for HMRC data breach - 28/11/2007

The UK banking industry has revealed plans to object if it is held accountable for refunding any money lost by child benefit recipients due to the HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) data breach.

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Base rate could reach four per cent - 30/05/2008

The Bank of England could ultimately lower the base rate of interest as far as four per cent, it has been predicted.

Base rate cut could benefit those in debt - 07/12/2007

Britons in debt could be breathing a collective sigh of relief following the Bank of Englands move to reduce the base rate to 5.5 per cent, it has been claimed.

Base rate cut may still be needed - 27/03/2008

An atypical cut in the base rate of interest may be needed despite improving growth expectations, according to John Charcol.

Base rate cut to 5% by Bank of England - 10/04/2008

The Bank of England has lowered the base rate of interest by 25 basis points to five per cent.

Base rate cut was a unanimous decision - 21/12/2007

The monetary policy committees decision to lower the base rate was unanimous, the Bank of England has revealed.

Base rate held at five per cent - 05/06/2008

The monetary policy committee has again fixed the Bank of Englands base rate of interest at five per cent.

Base rate maintenance vote was unanimous - 20/09/2007

The nine members of the Bank of Englands monetary policy committee (MPC) all voted to maintain the base rate at 5.75 per cent this month, it has emerged.

Base rate reduction spurred by energy costs - 07/02/2008

The Bank of Englands decision to cut the base rate by 0.25 per cent is a result of the rising cost of utility bills, it has been claimed.

Basic Current Accounts

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BBA to assist in restoring dormant current accounts - 15/11/2007

Britons with dormant bank accounts are to receive assistance from the British Bankers Association (BBA) to reclaim their funds, it has emerged.

BBA updates Banking Code - 31/03/2008

March 31st sees the official introduction of the 2008 edition of the Banking Code.

BBA urges caution on depositor protection reform - 11/03/2008

Changes to UK legislation on depositor protection could be seen as a hurried response to the Northern Rock crisis, according to the British Bankers Association (BBA).

Beat the deadline, says HMRC - 01/05/2008

HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) is urging employers to beat the mid-May deadline for filing their tax returns.

Best buy tables - are they really the best? - 07/08/2008

Everyone from the government to Tesco may seem to be compiling best buy tables these days - but are they all to be trusted?

Big-ticket item sales starting to suffer - 20/06/2008

Sales of high-value goods are beginning to take a downturn as consumers look to reduce their spending, it has been revealed.

Black is the new blue for UK finances - 22/01/2008

So-called Blue Monday went worse than expected for UK investors, with £77 billion wiped off the FTSE 100.

British banks report profits - 11/08/2010

As the big four British banks report profits we ask: is the economy recovering?

British Gas bills could rise further - 13/05/2008

British Gas parent group Centrica has indicated that it may increase prices in order to maintain profitability into the second half of 2008.

British taxpayers face Bradford & Bingley debt - 01/10/2008

Plans to nationalise Bradford & Bingley could leave consumers picking up the bill for the financial services provider's outstanding debts, it has been warned.

Britons losing track of current accounts - 09/08/2007

Britons are failing to keep track of where their current accounts are held, it has been suggested.

Britons spending less in the run-up to Christmas - 08/11/2007

Many consumers are looking to reduce their expenditure in the run-up to Christmas, it has been claimed.

Brits 'permanently overdrawn' - 25/02/2010

Many people in Britain are permanently overdrawn but what can they do to minimise the charges they face?

Brits dont care about debts - 28/02/2006

New research has uncovered the fact that many Britons do not care if they are in debt.

Brits have lost the saving habit - 07/12/2007

Consumers are less willing to save for expenses such as Christmas, it has been claimed.

Brits should compare prospective bank accounts - 29/02/2008

There are a number of factors to consider when determining which is the most appropriate bank account, it has been claimed.

Budget 2008: What it means for your money - 13/03/2008

Following this weeks 2008 Budget announcement, consumers could find their finances affected in a number of different ways.

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Businesses must meet tax deadline - 17/01/2008

It is essential that businesses meet the January 31st self-assessment deadline for tax returns, HM Revenue & Customs has asserted.

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