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Really good site, easy use and most importantly I got a cheap quote!
- 3rd October 2013
Great site and a good price, shame about the advert!
- 21st March 2012
Annoying adverts
- 14th March 2012
Form was a bit slow to start with but came back with a great price!
- 10th March 2012

About Gocompare.com

Gocompare.com launched in 2006 as an online car insurance comparison service allowing customers to get the best deals for their money. Today Gocompare.com provide their unique comparison services for a range of financial products including utilities, flights and holiday deals, credit cards, banking services, most types of insurance and much more. Their current TV ad features the opera singer 'Gio Compario' singing the classic Over There by George M Cohan but with the words "Go Compare" inserted into the lyrics. Click here to find out who Gio Compario is.

What sets Gocompare.com apart from other comparison sites is that it not only lets customers compare products by price, but also by their features and benefits, and makes choosing even easier with a handy five star rating system.

The Gocompare.com website is divided into sections that deal with specific products - from car and home insurance to credit cards, holidays and broadband provision. The insurance sections, for example, will ask you to enter your personal details and your requirements, when you have entered the information www.gocompare.com then searches for and retrieves individual quotes from over 120 insurance providers. Since these details are saved by go compare, you can view them at a later date without having to go through the whole process again - and even handier, you'll receive an email outlining the cheapest quote with links to your search results.


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