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Treasury looks to secure financial future


HM Treasury has announced a five-point plan to help secure the UKs economic outlook for the future.

King to serve further term as governor


Bank of England governor Mervyn King has been reappointed to serve a further five-year term in the role, it has emerged.

House prices fall for fourth month in a row


A January decline in the average property value is the fourth such monthly fall in a row, it has been claimed.

Taxpayers pick up £13bn avoidance bill


The cost to Britons of tax avoidance among the super-rich totals £13 billion each year, it has emerged.

Energy suppliers must help consumers


It is imperative that utility providers assist customers left facing energy poverty due to rising fuel prices, according to an industry watchdog.

No pause for breath for UK economy


The current economic upheavals in the UK represent a "fundamental adjustment", Deloitte claims.

Societe Generale reveals significant loss


Fraudulent behaviour by an employee has resulted in a "significant loss" being incurred by Parisian bank Societe Generale, it has emerged.

Proactive approach needed for personal finance


A personal finance expert urges Britons to "get smart, get savvy" and address their monetary problems.

Credit card bills buoyed by impulse buys


Britons impulse-buying habits are adding to the amount owed on credit card bills, it has emerged.

Post-Christmas lull in saving for children


The fallout from Christmas expenditure sees a drop in saving for children in February, it has emerged.

NS&I lowers interest rates


The Bank of England may have maintained the base rate, but National Savings & Investments (NS&I) has reduced the amount paid on some products.

Bank of England awaits inflation report


The impending publication of the Bank of Englands quarterly inflation report was a key influencing factor in the decision not to change the base rate of interest, it has emerged.

Black is the new blue for UK finances


So-called Blue Monday went worse than expected for UK investors, with £77 billion wiped off the FTSE 100.

Bank of England bails out Northern Rock


The Bank of England has revealed plans to help Northern Rock over the coming years, with nationalisation one proposed option.

Green mortgage market survives credit crunch


The credit crunch is having little impact on the green mortgage market, it has been suggested.

Car insurance crackdown helps to catch criminals


Rules to give the police access to details of uninsured vehicles are helping to fight crime, it has been claimed.

UK housing stock has tripled in value


The value of privately-owned homes in the UK has tripled in the past ten years, Halifax says.

Easy investments best in an awkward market


In uncertain economic times, easy investments are the best option, consumers have been told.

Businesses must meet tax deadline


It is essential that businesses meet the January 31st self-assessment deadline for tax returns, HM Revenue & Customs has asserted.

Equitable Life settles mis-selling dispute


A mis-selling case between Equitable Life and 407 of its annuity holders has been settled, it has emerged.

DFID unveils money transfer customer charter


A new customer charter has been released to help govern the industry, the Department for International Development (DFID) reveals.

Banks back in court


A test case examining the legality of bank charges for unauthorised overdrafts begins in the high court this week, the Office of Fair Trading reveals.

Insolvencies set to rise in 2008


The number of insolvencies and individual voluntary arrangements (IVAs) taking place in Britain looks set to rise significantly this year, with "quite a few predictions to say that there will be an increase".

Justice Committee calls for tighter data laws


The laws relating to data protection must be tightened to prevent further high-profile leaks, a government committee warns.

No change in base rate, says Bank


The Bank of England has opted to maintain the current base rate of 5.5 per cent in its January meeting.

Energy price hikes are avoidable


Consumers need not necessarily be hit by energy cost increases, it has been suggested.

Debt prevents pension savings


The amount of money being put into pension schemes is limited by Britons debt, it has been claimed.

Changes afoot for UK pension schemes


The UKs workplace pensions environment could be changing over the coming years, research reveals.

HMRC strike could hit tax return deadline


With the self-assessment tax deadline looming, UK businesses have now been told that HM Revenue & Customs staff could be going on strike.

Darling queries continental gas supplies


Chancellor Alistair Darling has expressed concern over the availability of gas from continental Europe in a letter to energy watchdog Ofgem.

House prices to see major correction


House prices are set to correct drastically in the next three years, in news likely to be welcomed by first-time buyers.

Bankruptcies set to rise in 2008


Consolidation loans might seem an increasingly appealing option for many as bankruptcies look set to rise.

Advice services in need of change


Members of the public do not fully understand their position when seeking investment advice and other financial pointers, it has been claimed.

Mortgage data suggests a rate cut to come


New figures from the Bank of England suggest a rate cut could be on the horizon.

Young credit card holders not conducting comparisons


Young people in the UK are failing to carry out any sort of credit card comparison when signing up for new lending products, according to one personal finance institution.

Online banking popular for expats


Using the internet for banking is a popular method for expats, according to the latest research, but more could use the online banking experience to make their money work harder for them.

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