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Top ten tips to fight a credit-crunched Christmas


With December fast approaching and financial anxiety rising, consumers may want to follow these top ten tips that money experts claim will boost the Christmas cash pot.

The taxpayer and the pre-Budget report


The pre-Budget report, announced by the chancellor of the Exchequer Alistair Darling, has raised questions about whether the tax hike for the wealthy and the cut in VAT will benefit the average UK taxpayer, or hurt them further down the line.

Is the great British pound set to crumble?


The political debate over the UK economy has been ignited by the shadow chancellor George Osborne's claims that the sterling is set to collapse if the government keeps borrowing vast amounts. But what will this mean for the country's taxpayers?

Online shopping: A savvy yes or a serious no?


While the benefits of online shopping may sway many people to buy all their gifts on the internet this Christmas, there are issues that consumers may want to brush up their knowledge on, such as the impact to the local economy, what rights and protection shopping in this way delivers and whether or not it really is less expensive in the virtual world than the real one.

Housing market 'to tumble until 2010'


The value of houses has dropped by £30,000 since this time last year, while the downturn of property prices is set to continue until 2010, Nationwide has warned.

A cut above the rest for savers?


While the interest rate cut down to three per cent was heralded by the press as a positive move, what does the reduction mean for UK savers faced with lower pay-outs, despite the benefits for first-time buyers and those seeking a loan?

Petrol - more fuel for the fire?


In these credit crunched times, many motorists might be keeping an eye on the latest petrol news to see how prices could affect them.

US presidential election: What will Obama mean for the UK?


With Barack Obama elected as the next US president, what could he mean for the economies of both his own country and the UK?

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