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Banking conduct regulation is set to get a credit-crunch overhaul


Individuals have become mistrusting of banks and building societies and as such, the Financial Services Authority has announced an overhaul of the regulations regarding banking conduct.

Cutting back on checkout costs with some simple savvy shopping


The recent Budget highlighted the state of the UK's finances. But shoppers could make sure their bank accounts are looking more healthy by following some simple tips to save cash at the supermarket checkout.

Building societies remain essential to savvy savers


Nine building societies may have been hit by a reduction in their credit ratings, but as research has revealed, Britons continue to trust these institutions with their hard-earned money.

Financial security for Britons could come in the form of an Isa


The best Isas on the market can not only help with the pension plans of Britons but could also help combat the current interest rate-low set by the Bank of England on individuals' savings.

Getting the most out of savings during a poor payout period


The current poor interest rate of 0.5 per cent means many Britons are faced with savings and current accounts that are paying out the minimum on their hard-earned stash of cash. Individuals should compare the market for the best deals on offer to make their money go further in the recession.

Signs of improvement in housing market remain limited


While there are reports that buyer interest in houses is rising, this is not significantly resulting in more property transactions. One of the reasons for this limitation is the reluctance of banks to provide mortgages to cash-strapped Britons.

Cheaper car cover rather than no insurance at all


Getting their hands on cheaper car insurance may leave Britons forking out further down the line. But done correctly, bagging a cheaper policy may save drivers hundreds of pounds.

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