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Banking fees, charges and interest FAQ

Confused about current account fees and whether you need to pay them? We answers your most frequently asked questions about banking interest and penalties.

What are the different fees and charges associated with current accounts?

Do I have to pay current account fees?

Which everyday banking services do I have to pay for?

Do I have to pay for an overdraft?

Are there any alternatives to paying fees for banking services?

Is it worth paying for a 'premium' bank account?

What are current account penalty charges?

How can I avoid bank charges?

Are penalty charges the same with all banks?

Will my bank inform me before I am charged?

I've been charged unfairly by my bank - what can I do?

What if I can't afford to pay bank charges?

Can I reclaim previous bank charges?

What steps should I take to have previous charges refunded?

Do bank charges affect my credit profile?

What is debit interest?

How does interest work on current accounts?

What does 'EAR' and 'APR' mean?

Can I opt out of interest on my current account?

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