Compare Non Homeowner Guarantor Loans

  • Guarantor loans can allow borrowers with poor credit ratings to get a loan
  • Many lenders will require a UK homeowner act as your guarantor, however there are options if your guarantor is a non-homeowner or tenant
  • Compare loans available to non-homeowner guarantors using the table below
    • Buddy Guarantor Loan logo

      Buddy Guarantor Loan

      • Representative APR
        49.9% APR
      • Available Amounts
        £1,000 to £10,000
      • Min / Max Terms
        1 to 5 years
      • Guarantor Type
        Homeowner or Tenant

      Guarantor Criteria

      • Must be aged 18-75
      • Must be a UK resident
      • Must not be on an active bankruptcy, IVA or equivalent
      • Guarantor does not need to own a home

      Borrower Criteria

      • Must be aged 18-75
      • Must be a UK resident
      • Must have a good credit history
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Non-Homeowner Guarantor Loans FAQ

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Does a guarantor always need to be a homeowner?

Isn’t a non-homeowner guarantor loan just a regular unsecured loan?

Can a spouse be a guarantor for a non-homeowner guarantor loan?

How do I know a non-homeowner guarantor loan is right for me?

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