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Exploring the finances of the Premier League and your area

Find out about our new interactive tool that lets you explore the finances and debt of your favourite Premier League team and your home postcode.

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It may only seem like five minutes since the World Cup came to a conclusion in Russia but the Premier League football season is back.

Yet, no matter which team you support, have you noticed how there’s almost as much focus on the finance as the actual football?

Whether it’s the transfer fees splashed out on summer signings - such as Jorginho to Chelsea, Richarlison to Everton, Mahrez to Manchester City or Alisson to Liverpool – the massive broadcasting contracts, sponsorship deals, ticket prices, the cost of shirts, agent’s fees or the astronomical wages, so much of of the coverage of football centres on finance.

One study showed that we’d rather open up about our bedroom habits than our income.

Us Brits are renowned for being shy about money – indeed one study showed that we’d rather open up about our bedroom habits than our income – but the trait is not true when it comes to football. For some fans, it might be the one time they’re at ease with the subject.

However, while we love to talk about football at Know Your Money – and we’re excited by the prospect of the Premier League’s return – we think it would be great if we all thought about our own finances too.

That’s why we’ve launched our new interactive tool – Back of the Debt – which helps you to explore the finances of your team and your local area.

Just fill in your postcode and pick your favourite Premier League team (or one that you’re interested in) and our tool will show:

  • How much debt there is in your postcode area
  • How this debt measures up against nearby areas and the Premier League teams
  • Debt per capita where you live, nationally and where your team is based
  • A series of stats about the spending power of the club you support

This should hopefully give you some insight into where you live and the club you support and put some of the eye-popping financial figures surrounding the Premier League into context.

Explore the guide for yourself here and, if you’re inspired to get more for your money then see how we can help you to get a better deal for your finances.

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