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  • If you have limited financial resources at your disposal for a deposit a 95% loan-to-value (LTV) mortgage could be an option.
  • See if these products suit your personal circumstances by comparing the latest interest rates and other key features of 95% LTV mortgages below.

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Houses rarely come cheap. In fact, trying to find a deposit of 20 percent or more in order buy one will seem like a mountain to climb for many first time buyers. And alas! most deals on the mortgage market will demand that and more. But having come under pressure to help more young people get on to that first rung of the property ladder, the banks have begun to periodically introduce 95 percent loan-to value ratio (or LTV) offers. This means you'll need to put up only five percent of the cost of the house as a deposit upfront. Suddenly, the idea of your own bricks and mortar might not seem so farfetched. You might face a higher interest rate, since you will be seen to be at a higher risk of defaulting, but when there are so many other costs involved in buying your own home and that six figure salary hasn't yet materialised in your young career, you might consider this to be a price worth paying to get your name on the deeds. With some 95 percent mortgages, the bank will offer you the opportunity to use the backing of a guarantor - such as a parent, grandparent or even, in some cases, the government - who will be liable to meet your monthly repayment if you can't. This could also bring your interest rate down a touch. Please use our whole of market mortgage comparison to compare all the top brands including RBS Mortgages, NatWest Mortgages, HSBC Mortgages, Santander Mortgages, Yorkshire Building Society Mortgages, Chelsea Building Society Mortgages and The Post Office Mortgages to name a few. Click here to read our handy guide covering frequently asked questions about mortgages.

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