Whether you're looking to release equity on your current property, or you're looking for a better deal - remortgaging could be the path that you're searching for. Know Your Money has all of the answers to your frequently asked questions on the complexities of remortgaging, from when to remortgage, to the costs associated with switching to a new deal. Click on a question below to read the answer.

What is 'remortgaging'?

When would I need to remortgage?

Do I have to remortgage when my fixed term ends?

Can I remortgage with another lender?

What costs are involved with remortgaging?

Can I remortgage while I'm still in a fixed term?

Can I remortgage from any mortgage?

How much will my early release fee from an ongoing fixed deal be?

Do I have to pay off early mortgage release fees immediately?

How can I work out if I can save by remortgaging while in a fixed term?

Am I eligible to remortgage?

Can I borrow more money on top of my mortgage when I remortgage?

Can I remortgage if I own my property outright?

Is it beneficial to consolidate my other debts with a remortgage deal?

Can I increase or reduce my term when I remortgage?

I'm moving house - do I need to remortgage?